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Join the FlyWebMakers Affiliate Program today!

FlyWebMakers Affiliate Program.

By joining our affiliate program, each time a client recommended by you makes a payment, 25% of the money will go to you. As the payments are made on a monthly basis, you will receive 25% of the payment of each client you refer every month.

How to start?

1. Register on our website and confirm your email.

If you do not already have an account with the FlyWebMakers affiliate program, you can register here .

After completing the registration form, our system will send you an e-mail so that you can confirm your account. There may be times when an email ends up in your SPAM folder, so check that too.

2. Log in.

Log into your here account.

In the "Referrals" tab you will find your referral link, which will look similar to this:


You can place this link on your website or send it to the client (by e-mail, WhatsApp, Signal or in any other way) to whom you recommend us.

If the customer clicks on this link, he will be transferred to our website. While on our website, your client should create an account on it. Thanks to this, it will be automatically assigned to you. This customer will be assigned to you even if they do not purchase the subscription right away - they can do so later.

When the customer you refer makes a purchase and pays, you will receive a commission. You can check your earned money at any time in the "Sales" tab.

Note: to be able to collect the earned money, you must have any form of business activity in Poland or any other country.

That's all! Now you can recommend us to companies that need to increase sales and earn money by recommending us to friends.

If in doubt, please contact our Partner Program specialist. We will be happy to help you.

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